Voting Thread, v. 2.0

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Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  AWizardDidIt on Tue May 29, 2012 6:34 pm

Seeing as our old feedback and vote threads are about to keel over and die, I've decided that it's time to some new ones. The information currently in the old threads will remain, as will the threads themselves.

The first topic of voting within the new thread is universal lore stories. Have an interesting tidbit about a race you created that you'd like to share? The story of a person, idea, technology or war that changed the history of the world? Looking to bridge the gap between the various races by creating lore stories as an outsider? In this leg of the creation, anything goes. If you have it and believe it's worth our consideration, please submit it.

This stage will be effective until the end of June. By then, I will have organized this voting thread to contain summaries and info about all submissions, and an official plebiscite will occur in early July. Once completed, we may be ready to begin actual roleplay. Stay tuned.

The submission thread may be found here:

The thread of canonized material may be found here:

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Post  Mormosi on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:09 pm

Sol and Equi: No. While I enjoy the overall concept, several things don't sit well with me, unfortunately. For the most part, Sol seems to be comprised of exceptions to the established rules. Normally I'd be fine with this, but the details are leading me in circles. If Equi was so disliked on the material plane, then how did Sol acquire enough worship to become powerful enough to not only shove aside several other gods, but break into the material plane in full? And if he did have this much power through his worshipers, how on earth did the other gods manage to stop him? Was he in charge of any of the three realms? The idea as a whole seems a little disproportionate to me, and not cohesive with the established god hierarchy. However, I will say that I enjoy the creativity employed in founding an explanation for the magicrock/Etherium/magicore, even if I think that's something better left undeveloped.

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'ghal: Yes. I love the tone of these stories; they really feel a lot like traditional creation myths. I see no reason not to deny them. They effectively establish several cultural values and beliefs, and lay down the roots of Ghalian society. I am a little confused, though, at how scratching one's skin allows them to commune with Jagzum.

The Dessiens (Version 2.1): Yes. Wow, well, this is one hell of an overhaul. Admittedly, it's still sinking in for me, but I like the changes overall. This definitely separates them from every known race without making them too outlandish, in my opinion, giving them a cultural identity that is all their own, with every alteration reflecting the physiological changes. I especially enjoy the style of their buildings and tendencies shown towards intruders and hatcheries. The church also has several very interesting facets, such as the split views on methods of worship. All in all, I look forward to seeing the new Dessiens in action.

The War of the White and Grey: Yes. I don't have too much to say on this one. It's an absolutely necessary history point, and it takes everything that has been established into consideration. Everybody save the Veran have been incorporated reasonably, and the series of events is easy to visualize, especially with the handy map, which is a nice touch. I see no holes or discrepancies, so this gets a thumbs up from me, for being all-encompassing and very thorough.

The Libran Persuasion: Yes. With all the gods being attached to certain races, I'm glad to see that somebody took an opportunity to create a multi-racial religion. It does feel rather familiar, I will admit, but it accomplishes its role well as an underlying force. It's easy to picture Librans having their own quarters in major cities without compromising either sense of culture. Although, I am very curious on how Libran renegades come to be.

The Ten Hand Commonwealth: Yes. In regards to the map, the Commonwealth fills a massive hole. I would consider this addition to be the most necessary, as otherwise we'd be running with an enormous and unreasonably blank spot on the political map. I will not hesitate to admit that a conglomeration of kingdoms is a little recognizable, but this is a criticism that is easily trumped by the amount of detail and believability that's been poured into this. The religion and bureaucratic structure go hand-in-hand, and every province has been fleshed out. In the end, the Commonwealth works undeniably well, to me, as a kingdom with a plethora of troubles.

The Gali: Yes. My opinion on the Gali is largely unchanged from when last I saw them. Unlike the Dessiens, this version's changes have not resulted in massive upheavals, so the race still retains virtually everything it had before. The additions to their physiology (PRETTY EYES) and society structure have been implemented well.

The Hele'Dai: Yes. Even with the massive changes to the race's infrastructure, I could rant on and on about the needless addition of the immortality elixir, but I've given you enough troubles with that already. I do believe that its purpose could be circumvented in another way, but the other enormous improvements to the race weigh out that qualm. After reading this, I can safely say that the Heledaine are leagues better than what they were months ago. They're much more comprehensive and less muddled, as well as distanced from the rest of the races. My only problem is the addition of the theater, which feels slightly out of place in comparison to the rest of the new features. Nevertheless, I'm willing to overlook it.

Illuvan: No. Most of my feelings on this stem from its accompanying story, Sol and Equi. Beyond that I'm also horribly confused. This guy is such an exception to everything established that all of the former rules seem meaningless. Can other gods affect him? How does Illuvan remain outside the boundaries of worship, and where do his powers stem from? By the logic we have, without that connection between the material and ethereal plane, Illuvan should be effectively powerless.

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  AWizardDidIt on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:29 pm

Sol and Equi: Tentative yes. I enjoy the concept and the story; however, both are lacking in certain details that must be filled in before they can really utilized. For example, where was Equi from? What are the fragments of Sol, and what do they do? In addition, a few aspects of this document strike me as implausible. For example, it is rather unlikely that a divine coalition would be necessary to stop a minor god. It is also important to recall that even the most knowledgeable priests of Calmargur are ignorant as to the inner workings of the heavens; we therefore cannot assume that the gods exist in a cohesive community that would even have the organization to do such a thing. Overall, however, the story of Sol and Equi works as a historical legend akin to that of King Arthur, and I can see his various fragments becoming important in future plotlines.

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'ghal: Yes. As Matt suggested, the Oto'Ghal stories feel like actual creation myths. Sneezing void beasts whose scattered innards (and testicles) form the basis of the universe are always fun, and they only further add to the already unique flavor of Ghalians. The pantheon/fauna listings will also be very useful references for future writings.

The Dessiens: Yes. The changes made to the Dessiens are very extensive, so I feel the need to address the race as a new entity. For one, the revamped appearance of the Dessiens provides the verse with a much-needed semi-humanoid race, and I laud Izdazi's creativity in designing a bipedal reptile species that is still "human" in outlook and disposition. The idea of hatcheries irks me slightly, but such a criticism is minor and nitpicky. They fill a necessary niche as a mysterious isolationist culture that is nonetheless a member of world affairs.

The Gali: Yes. I'm not entirely sure why Matt voted on a reposted document that was placed in the wrong thread - but, hell, I like the Gali.

The Hele'Dai: Hesitant yes, after much thinking. My opinion is very similar to Matt's; I was initially planning to vote "no" on the Hele'Dai due to the inclusion of the infamous immortality elixir, but my conscience got the better of me. While I do not care for it, it is only fair, seeing as Roth has made ample compromises thus far. The race itself has improved greatly, allowing me comfortably, if not happily, say yes. This time around, the explanations of the peaceful-yet-militant nature of Hele'Dai society and the Silver Lions are much more plausible. I certainly hope the latter will allow us to create samurai-esque characters.

The Meni'Driad: Yes. They scare the shit out of me in many different ways, as I explained to Matt during my initial feedback. The world, save for a few select areas, is lacking in religious traditions, especially ones of a more vibrant and/or ostracized nature. The Meni'Driad will primarily serve as villains for the time being, but I can see them becoming the center of a major story in the future.

Illuvan: No. Matt outlined many of the reasons I dislike Illuvan; he is an exception of an exception. While Sol can be detailed and reworked into a usable state, I'm overall quite confused by Illuvan's nature, powers, and very existence. My personal opinion on the matter? Remove the idea of Sol being broken into "fragments." He would work better as a loophole/exception to the connection rule, IE, history's only instance of a god breaking through to reality.

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Casting my vote...

Post  Alezin on Sun Jul 15, 2012 7:49 pm

Above posters have done a pretty good job in explaining, so I'll keep my vote simple. (POST HAS BEEN EDITED TO INCLUDE STUFF)

Sol and Equi: Yes. While I'm not a huge fan of some of the details, I enjoy the concept of a fragmented god a lot.

The War of the White and Grey: Yes.

The Libran Persuasion: Yes.

The Ten Hand Commonwealth: Yes.

The Dessiens: Yes. (Loving all of the changes done to these guys. The more reptilian biology is very appealing...)

The Gali: Yes. (I WANT THEIR EYES.)

The Hele'Dai: Yes.

The Meni'Driad: Yes!

Illuvan: No. I feel really conflicted with this one. Although I really like the Fragment Concept, I'm a bit hesitant when it comes to the necromancy aspect and the whole "cheating death". I'm going to have to vote "No" for now.

With the exception of the Illuvan, I feel that most of the concepts fit very well into the setting.

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My Votes

Post  Mercutio on Sun Jul 15, 2012 10:09 pm

Traditional Beliefs Ota’ghal - Yes

Dessiens 2.1 – Yes

War of the White and Grey – Yes

The Libran Persuasion - Yes

The Ten Hand Commonwealth – Yes

The Gali – Yes

The Fellowship of the Meni'Driad – Yes

Feeling just a bit lazy, and what I would've said probably has been said. Liking all this stuff all the same.

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Post  Sorrowrunner on Mon Jul 16, 2012 10:13 pm

Sol and Equi: Nope, again, what Matt said. For one, it doesn't sit well with me, and two it paints a god less than omniscient and capable of more interference in the real world than we've precedent. Furthermore, god essence, NO, NO PENTFORCE FOR YOU.

Oto'Ghal stuff: Yus, why not. It's expanded lore, wildlife and languagey things.

Dessiens: Yes Yay loli partway mammalian lizardmen. Interesting.

War of bland colors: Yup

Lebran: Sure

Ten finger discounts: Yeah sure why not.

Hel'rehashed content: Nope.

Gali: Yes, on one condition, stomach pearls.

Meni'Driad: Hmm...Not sure how I feel about druids and 'nature magic'. Hmm, No one else seems to have an issue with it, so I don't have an opinion on this one, if it happens, I'll let it happen, if it doesn't it doesn't

Sherlock Holmes and A Game of Shadows, or what's apparently been retconned to Illuvan. No

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Pardon the Disorganized Listing

Post  thatguy on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:03 pm

Voting: I don't have enough time to get into details, so here it is. Short and sweet.

Sol and the lore: I vote yes to this. I know it well due to my bro shoving it down my throat. It is good, and I've given him some feedback already.

Traditional beliefs of the Oto'ghal: This really held my attention. I vote yes.

War of the White and Grey: LOVED IT! I vote yes.

Libran Persuasion: I vote yes.

Ten Hand Commonwealth: I vote yes.

Dessiens: Oddly enough the changes make me change my previous position of saying no, I vote yes.

Hele'Dai: I vote yes.

Gali: I vote no.

The Fellowship of Meni'Driad: I vote yes!

Game of Shadows, I mean the Shadow Game: I vote yes. It's creepy, it's neat, and has the potential for various stuff. And I do like stuff.


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I'm so high right now

Post  Fireseed on Mon Jul 16, 2012 11:50 pm

Sol and Equi: A tentative 'sure'.

The War of the White and Grey: Sounds good.

The Libran Persuasion: Not bad, I'd like to see more..

The Ten Hand Commonwealth: Yes.

The Dessiens: I like it, yes.

The Hele'Dai: Sure.

The Meni'Driad: Love it, need more.

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'ghal: Probably my favorite entry, if only for the writing style. A definite yes.

Illuvan: Eh, no.

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  Izdazi on Thu Jul 19, 2012 9:43 pm

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'ghal: Yes.
The War of the White and Grey: Yes. I like it.
The Libran Persuasion: Yes
The Ten Hand Commonwealth: Yes. I really like this concept.
The Gali: Yes.
The Hele'Dai: Yes.
The Meni'Driad: Yes. (Belated)

EDIT: I apologize for the delays. Real life has been slapping me around something fierce. For the most part, what hasn't received a 'yes vote' in my post can be construed as a 'no vote.' I wish I had the time to give a more descriptive reason for the way I've voted, but I have barely had time to read this forum. Sad

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  Quixoticus on Sat Jul 28, 2012 1:44 am

Sol and Equi – No.
The story is fun, but it takes several liberties and extra leaps and bounds in logic that force a lot of particular elements onto the world that I’m not comfortable with. Sol’s “deft knowledge” is contrived and only seems to be relevant to the fact that he broke through into the material plane. The fact that only Sol knew how to makes all of the other gods look like complete idiots. The most interesting and cool part that I like is the “lore” on the magical rock, I believe this could serve as some sort of part of the world, but in terms of how it came to be (the story of Sol and Equi), it does not sit well with what I believe to be the intended direction of the RP.

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto’ghal – Yes.
The stories were fun to read, and it’s clear that the narrative is slanted and rich with culture (thereby not taking liberties on the actual mechanics and laws of the RP). I like that the worship culture is structured on how the mortals perceive their patron deities, as opposed to setting the elemental rules of the gods themselves. This makes the distinction that the worship is how the mortals perceive it, rather than how it actually works. In other words, the deities may not necessarily represent the metaphysical ideas of hunting, crop growth, etc., but that happens to be the reason why they are worshipped, and that has no effect on the power they draw from worship.

Race Idea: The Dessiens – Yes.
I like what you’ve done with the Dessiens, they’re almost a completely new people with small parallels to the old ones. You took a lot of time with this revise, and I think it’s paid off very well. They have a distinct culture and history that makes them easy to grasp in a general sense at just a glance. I would be confident while encountering a Dessien in an RP without having to look through a complicated and convoluted backstory.

The War of the White and Grey – Yes.
A story with enough detail and points to serve as a basic template for race relationships, race ambitions, and general RP. But some of the names have extra letters that don’t really do anything. Wundlandt? Really?
If anyone does not like how a race handled the rebellion (in terms of how bloody it was, etc.), raise the point of concern, because it’s very important to a race. A race that chases the Avoca out and murders their citizens in vengeful rage is not really going to be a peaceful, non-combative society.

The Libran Persuasion – Yes.
This group works well as a distinct social body. It’s a nice bridge between the race separations we have thus far, and works to fill in “alignment” gaps we have. It also adds another perspective on Calmargur “religion,” which is just as important as race.

The Ten Hand Commonwealth – Yes.
Another nice humanoid addition to add variety to the “human” shades of Calmargur. They’re quite distinct from the Caren, which allows for a greater variety of RP and development.

The Gali – Yes.
Because Gali Femur Battering Rams.

The Heledai – Yes.
The race has improved greatly. While the mention of “spirits” is not included with my decision, and is subject to further investigation, I like how the race has turned out.

The Fellowship of the Meni’Driad – Yes.
Like the Libran Persuasion, the Fellowship provides a non-race social body and allows multi-racial mingling. It emphasizes the culture of religion on Calmargur.

The Shadow Game, Illuvan, Necromancy, etc. – No.
Sol’s “greatness” has not been determined to be so awesome that a demi-god can spring from a shard of what is supposed to be magic-infused ore, but which has miraculously turned into a cognizant entity. The exact nature of the barrier separating gods and mortals is a mystery for a reason, and arbitrarily breaking that barrier with the excuse of a “not just your average god” causes more trouble than it’s worth. Further, making a leap to suggest that a fragment of this god is the master of Necromancy and a keeper of souls who can turn the rest of the magicrock fragments into power cores is too much to handle. The ideas I like here are the magic of Necromancy and the idea of a powerful, non-mortal being trapped on the mortal plane; the execution of these ideas was poor and needs to be heavily revised.

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  Miss Tiger on Sat Jul 28, 2012 4:17 pm

Sol and Equi: I have to vote no. Like others have said, it completely ignores the rules of the universe, and honestly, it hits just about every cliché in the book. As a master of writing the hackneyed and contrived myself, it even set me off :-/ No.

Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'ghal : I -love- these myths. The first guy sneezing, then exploding? They walk the line between silly and serious and the writing style is absolutely wonderful <3 Yes

Dessians: Oh my god yes. They sound -amazing-.

The War of the Grey and White : Some of the names make me giggle because I apparently never mentally aged beyond three years old. But it's a good history. Yes

The Libran Persuasion : Aw, they actually sound like really nice religious nuts! They get a yes

The Ten Hand Commonwealth : More giggle-names, but I like this. Inwardly snapping at each other, but outwardly ready to kick some ass. Yes

Gali: Peaceful, educated giants. I thought I already voted on this! Yes <3

Hele'Dai: There are a few things that I take issue with (spirits, elixir, the masks that I can only imagine working like those 3D bookmarks, the wording on your theater section making the rest of the world out to be cultureless heathens, putting rules on alchemy even though others make use of alchemy in their races), but they seem solid. I enjoy the worship of the seasons. Yes

The Fellowship of the Meni'Driad : Crazy pagans and earth mothers, the Wiccans of our world. I can roll with that. Yes

The Shadow Game : Since Illuvan's existence relies on the myth of Sol and Equis, I'm going to veto this out of hand. Also the fact of what happens to a person's soul (the fact, mind, not the myth) is far too big and important for something like this. And while I'm not averse to the notion of necromancy (in fact, I would love to see some zombies in this place), I don't see how this could fall into any area outside of magic, and it's well-established that magic is granted solely by the gods. No.
Miss Tiger

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

Post  AWizardDidIt on Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:00 pm

The final tally:

Sol and Equi: 4 yes, 4 no, 1 undecided (?)
Traditional Beliefs of the Oto'Ghal: 9 yes
The Dessiens: 9 yes
The War of the Grey and White: 9 yes
The Libran Persuasion: 9 yes
The Ten Hand Commonwealth: 9 yes
The Gali: 8 yes, 1 no
The Hele'Dai: 8 yes, 1 no
The Fellowship of the Meni'Driad: 8 yes, 1 undecided
The Shadow Game: 7 no, 1 yes, 1 undecided

Updates to the canon threads should come within the hour. For now, Sol and Equi is being put on hold until further notice due to a tie in the vote. All other submissions have been either confirmed or denied.

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Re: Voting Thread, v. 2.0

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