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Forum Guidelines (READ!) Empty Forum Guidelines (READ!)

Post  Quixoticus on Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:34 am

Looking to start a thread? You'll first want to head over to the Sign-Ups and OOC forum first!

This forum is for threads that have already passed the sign-up phase and are ready to become proper threads (unless they're Open RP's, of course). Please restrict RP thread titles to the name of the thread and its classification (Open, Closed, Story, etc.). So the format looks like this:

Thread Name ((Classification))

Here's a list of common thread "classifications":

  • Open - The thread operator does not require a character sign-up from you. You are free to jump into the action right away.

  • Closed - The thread operator requires a character sign-up from you. This doesn't guarantee you'll get in; the thread may be at maximum capacity.

  • Story/Story-RP - These terms are ambiguous. The thread could be a story being written by the thread operator who isn't accepting additional roles, or the thread operator is writing in tandem with one or more RPers. It may or may not be open to other RPers to join through sign-up.

Not sure if you if you can join a thread? When in doubt, consult the thread operator. Leave a question on the RP's sign-up thread.

Happy writing. Smile

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