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Forum Guidelines (READ!) Empty Forum Guidelines (READ!)

Post  Quixoticus on Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:48 am

This is where you'll formally begin the process of creating your very own Role Play thread. If you already have an RP in mind and want to recruit RPers, this is where you post the sign-up. This is also where you can post "thread ideas" in order to garner interest or brainstorm an RP with others (hopefully with the result of turning the idea into a thread or sign-up!). Threads in this forum should be titled in relatively similar ways so the forum is easy to navigate. A thread title should look something like this:

Name of the Thread (Classification)*

*Remember to classify your thread either as a "Sign-Up/OOC" or a "Thread Idea." This will help to get the right people to look at your thread as well as keep from misdirecting the wrong people to it.

Happy writing. Smile

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