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Post  Mercutio on Sun Aug 05, 2012 5:29 pm

An exercise of sorts, but mostly for fun. In a nutshell, you take a song or soundtrack you have in mind, any song you like, and then write a scenario for it. Just like it says on the tin. The scenario itself doesn't have to be anything super detail or a piece unto itself (though that would be cool), just give us the general gist of what you see happening to the song.

Going first...

The Soundtrack!
Nier Gestault/Replicant, Shadowlord

The Scenario!
The scene is set inside an ivory gothic cathedral, filled with many pews. Between the rows, a man walks in a military officer's coat, a rapier strapped to his side. He strides forward with purpose, but there is a hint of sorrow in his face. He approaches a second man, apparently alone in this holy place. The second man, dressed in a ivory cassock with a crimson sash, is kneeling in prayer, on his knee and holding two sabres to the floor, facing away from the first. The first man, Einhardt Octavius, offers a sincere greeting, nostalgia weighing on his voice. The holy man, Benedict Septimus, curtly returns the favor, but remaining silent beyond that. Einhardt decides to skip the pleasantries, and insist that Benedict gives himself over as his own comrades have. Benedict merely stands and reveals the blood on the front of his cassock and blades, as well as the dead body of the Church's Arch-Bishop. Boldly stating that a true man of God will never falter in their resolve, Benedict calls the others traitors to their faith, and vows to fight until death. Einhardt laments that they, former borthers in arms, must fight, but Benedict coldly states that this was inevitable.

The fight is initially in Benedict's favor because of the sheer ferocity he fights with, but Einhardt is able to gain the upper hand though using his surroundings. Kicking pews around, throwing his coat for a moment's advantage to strike at Benedict's left arm and disarm him, and then luring him to a stairwell and quickly gaining the upper hand with the high ground. Eventually, he gets past his friend's guard and holds his sword to his throat. Naively, Einhardt hopes that the fight is over, but after both put their weapons down, Benedict raises his again for a final frenzied attack... only for Einhardt to slash his throat first. Briefly mourning his dead friend, Einhardt departs from the Cathedral into a cold snowy night, returning to his superiors.

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