The Fall of Lord Chair

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The Fall of Lord Chair Empty The Fall of Lord Chair

Post  Mercutio on Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:36 pm

Lord Chair stood on his four legs, overlooking the throne room on his elevated platform. All for his honor, and his famous tenant, jubilant festivities were held in celebration. Court jesters juggling and performing slapstick, beautiful maidens dancing and cavorting with handsome young men, and the aroma of sweet pork streaming in from the kitchen. Yes, this was a fine celebration for Lord Velvet Mahogany Chair, throne of the king.

Something that had amused him was how they thought the king was the power. In truth, the king was but an interchangeable position. Chair had seen them come and go. In fact, not two decades ago, King Holston was a usurper, unseating a dynasty lasting twenty lords, and Chair expected that the same would happen to him nineteen heirs down, or sooner. Usurpation is nasty business at the beginning.

It was then that Holston himself had arrived, dressed in the usual luxuries. An ermine fur cape and red tunic and gold breeches. As was typical, the crowd gave a raucous cheer for his arrival. But then the king gestured behind him.

Chair was petrified to find that his royal majesty had a new throne fashioned, more in line with his colors. He intended to replace him!

“TREACHERY!!!” Chair roared as he was lifted up. “You were in your bounds when you dethroned that weakling, but to remove me! Blasphemy! Your reign will be short and cruel, you son of a…”

As his old throne was carried out of the room, King Holston sat in his new throne, with a red cushion. “Ah, this is much more comfortable than that dusty old knick knack, don’t you think, Gulliver?”

“Indubitably, sir.”

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