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Post  Mammona on Mon Aug 19, 2013 10:16 am

There is no action. There is only the body.
There is no body. There is only the mind.
There is no mind. There is only the thought.
There is no thought. There is only the feeling.
There is no feeling. There is only the being.
There is no being. There is only enlightenment.

Everything exists in this world. An obvious statement to behold, but few truly grasp the relevance of it. To exist, something must have an undercurrent of energy to it. This energy flows through everything, links some objects and drives other objects apart. In doing so, these objects exist in the states predetermined to them. Who or what has decided these states is unknown. However, this is not relevant to those who seek higher understanding. Higher understanding comes from within. An intrinsic knowledge of this energy that binds all things. To be able to sense and understand the nature of this energy; where it is, what it is and how it is; is to achieve true understanding of the world around us. This energy has been given a name. It is called Chi.

Chi is all around it. It is beyond us. It is beside us. It is within us. It flows through us, past us, over us, beneath us. Chi does not feel; it does not have to. It does not think; it does not need to. Chi simply is. How does one achieve a better understanding than that? Does one need to achieve a better understanding? Chi exists with our understanding. It would exist without our understanding. To try and figure out where it came from, or what it will become is an entirely superfluous gesture. To try to achieve that is to ask the wind to stop blowing, or the fire to stop burning. Understanding the futility of this gesture is to take one step closer to inner peace.

As easy as this understanding comes to some, it fails to reach others. Others who are consumed by a myriad of thoughts a processes. Thoughts which disturb their cognitive functioning. Thoughts of fear, doubt and unbalance. These thoughts disrupt the flow of chi through the mind, and where the mind goes, so the body follows. Those who find it impossible to achieve balance in their lives will eventually see their lives changes. In many cases this change can be repaired. However, in many more cases this change can be irreparable.

One who does not embrace balance in their minds is one whose thoughts forever turn and overlap upon themselves. This breeds a myriad of negative emotions. Fear, doubt, pride, hatred. These emotions not only exist in a state of unbalance, but also harbour the ability to manifest in painful, even terrifying ways. One whose being is consumed with these will undoubtedly show characteristics leading towards a path of darkness.

These negative energies, like their positive counterparts, can affect the balance of energy in various ways. In particular, this energy (chi) can become corrupted by negativity, leading to the production of an entirely new kind of energy. This new energy breeds discord amongst the senses of self. It takes the limitless powers of the mind and corrupts them, placing barriers within it and imposing false limits to what the mind can achieve. This dark energy has also been given a name. It is called Sha.

Few truly comprehend just how big of a threat Sha poses. Those who are ignorant of the ways of enlightenment (and no small number of those who are aware of it) will almost always possess fragments of Sha within themselves. For the most part, this is harmless, for not all amongst us seek true enlightenment, and so their Sha goes unnoticed. However, those who possess great power often exhibit an increased amount of Sha within them. Whether this is the product of their own power, or simply the result of the negative emotions and feelings this power almost inevitably brings is irrelevant. What is relevant is that the Sha manifests in a physical form. And that is when the situation goes from bad to worse…

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