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1902 24th July 1:00pm

My name’s Sarah. My age is 12 and I like chocolate. I have a little sister Lily and a big sister Ella. I went out for a stroll last night, because I was upset; but I don’t want tell you why. It was a full moon. The moon shone brightly. So brightly it shone on the lake, so I sat down by the lake. The stagnant pool of water reflected a stairway to the moon. I just sat by the lake and started throwing stones. As each stone splashed into the lake, ripples on the water’s surface disturbed the reflection of the moon. When I couldn’t find any more stones, I began to sob. (Not because there were no more stones by the way.) Then, the bushes behind me started to rustle! I spun around quickly, my heart pounding and then I saw the glowing red eyes. And the voice! It sounded like a monsters roar mixed in with an old woman’s voice.

“Why do you cry like that small one?” I did not answer.

I was too afraid. I was frozen with fear. My mouth was dry and I wanted to run and scream in terror.

“I will put you out of your MISERY!” Then she pounced out of the bushes and then I saw her. She was a wolf, but not any wolf; she was a wolf that walked around on two legs and spoke. A werewolf! She pounced on me and howled ominously at the full moon. She then bit into my stomach. The pain was insufferable. Then I heard two loud noises BA BANG! The village hunters had come to my aid! The wolf whimpered as she jumped off me and howled in pain as she landed in the lake the palace hunter’s lamps light flew over the lake, looking for the wolf to finish it off. All we saw were some bubbles. Only I knew that the bubbles were from the wolf that attacked me. So now I have a secret. I am a werewolf!            
1903 13th January 8:00pm
As the moon rose last night I rushed to my window and pulled back the curtains. I felt my fur growing out of my skin. It felt as if a million needles were pushing out of my skin. My vision started to blur, but then I suddenly could see further out then before, since I had better eyesight. Then I could hear a squirrel scampering up a tree about three miles away. Then the smells rushed in at me! I could smell roasting meat going on. The roast had all sorts of meats.

I was starving because I got angry at dad and he sent me to my room at dinner. I won’t tell you why. He sort of got transformed, so did ma, my big sister Ella and my little sister Lily. You see, first dad got bitten by a person with long fangs so now he calls himself Dracula all the time except if I call him dad and he has a bad temper now. Then ma, well, she went out to get bread. The newspaper said that she was found dead. Then she came back two weeks later a Frankenstein! My little sister ran away last week and my big sister became a sea monster and calls herself a water demon!  Our pet dog, Buttons, became a monster dog, so now he looks like me when I’m in wolf form! Anyway, I started to drool when I heard my leg bones snap backward and I then howled in pain because growing a tail hurts you know! And finally my transformation was complete! I was now a wolf.

I quickly scampered down on all fours to the meats I smelt earlier. I smelt lamb, beef, pork and many others. I saw a large family of ten people, so I crept up on the largest and the fattest of the family, licking my lips and drooling. But a woman spoilt it by yelling and screaming; everyone saw me and ran off, leaving all the delicious meat behind. Instead of eating somebody, I would eat the meat. Half of the meats were roasted; the roasted ones were the best! Then, I was lost for the night to my wolf side.

1903 19th July 3:30pm

Aloha! We just got back from Hawaii! We were going to go to my birthday (which is on the 16th of July) and we were supposed to go to my Uncle Charlies wedding. Well, we were supposed to. By the time we got there we were going to his funeral. But it’s not the last time we see Uncle Charlie! Before the funeral dad made the body a vampire so now I have a vampire father and a vampire uncle.

So when they were carrying him in his coffin he jumped up and yelled surprise! Everyone was shocked he was alive (he wasn’t really) and he said he pretended to be dead to surprise his fiancé for the wedding. I could see the love hearts coming off her! Then Charlie picked her up and ran off to the wedding area. We all followed him. When it was over, at the reception Shelly, his new wife, looked all pale and bloodless.

At first, I thought she had a lot of make-up on, but then I saw it wasn’t make-up. It was because when Charlie ran off with her, he had plenty of time when nobody was around. So try and guess what happened, yep now I have an Aunty Shelly that’s also a vampire! Oh well, at least this isn’t about them. It’s about me, a werewolf, not a vampire. I just hope they don’t try and eat me! There are some rumours at school saying that vampires eat werewolves!

1914 4th August 2:00am

Oh this is dreadful! Apparently war has broken out between us and Germany! We had to run for cover, even dad who’s already dead. He doesn’t want to be blown apart! I have to run! There are bombs everywhere! I’m sorry this entry is kind of short! The only person here who is not scared of the bombs is Buttons. And he’s a DOG!!

1919 25th December 3:14pm

Well I’m sorry I haven’t written in you all this time. It’s just Buttons snatched you up and ran off with you. I found you this morning in my room all dirty. I guess in wolf form last night I dug you up so I have you back again. The war has ended. Hooray!!! It is Christmas today. This morning Dad gave me a mouse for a pet. Then ma gave me a new toy. It was a toy bear. Finally, Ella gave me a doll of a girl with yellow hair and a small dress. I gave ma some sweet stick glue to stop her joints coming apart and I gave dad some really nice toothpaste to keep his fangs all nice and shiny. (And scary!) Then I gave Ella some special sea cream so she doesn’t get all dried up. Everyone was very pleased with their gifts so I was pleased!

1920 1st January 6:00pm

A new train cart restaurant has just opened down the street. So we gave it a go. We went down there walking (the moon wasn’t up yet) and when we saw it, it was called “The Train Cart”. It was half under the ground and you had to walk down stairs to get to the restaurant part. There was a giant sun roof. But unfortunately it was full moon and of course I turned into a wolf.

This guy who was the school bully was also there and he came over to our table and started annoying me before I was in wolf form. But when he turned his back to grab the pepper to throw it at me, he saw in the sliver reflection me turning into a werewolf. It struck fear into his heart because he turned his head slowly and screamed. No one saw me change into a wolf (thank god!) so people just started screaming. The bully grabbed the pepper and threw it at me. I put my paw out and it smashed on my arm. Then I growled at the bully and said as deep as I could

“How dare you disrespect a god. I am a god of the forest and I’ll teach you a lesson!” (I wasn’t a god by the way a just wanted to sound scary!)

And with that I chased him into a nearby forest. I chased him far into the forest and when he wasn’t looking I jumped into the nearest tree. So when he turned around he saw nothing and stopped running. I jumped from tree to tree and went from a tree in front of him to a tree behind him, always making him turn around. Anyway, I finally jumped into some bushes behind him. I looked through a hole between the leaves, my eyes red with fury. I smiled a cruel smile of sharp canine teeth and growled fiercely. Then I stepped on a small stick by accident and made it crack. My ears went back and I looked at the split stick. He spun around as soon as he heard the stick crack. He saw my glowing red eyes and started backing away.

Suddenly, when I looked up, I couldn’t see him. I began to get scared he would tell people and they would believe him. Then I would get killed if I ever went out and that went for my family too! But, then all I did was quietened down and stopped panicking. Soon I heard him when I was trying to smell him out, he wasn’t running he was hiding. So that was a relief. Anyway, I found where he was hiding but faked that I didn’t see him. So I said as fierce and as deep as I could

“Where are you boy? You know I’ll find you eventually. Oh, there you are I wondered where you were.” As I said ‘Oh there you are...’ my back was turned to him. Then as I finished off my final sentence I brandished my claws and at the last minute I spun around and cut the top off the bush he was hiding behind! That startled him enough for him to start grabbing branches and climb the trees to the top layer of the forest. When he got to the canopy of the trees I jumped up and joined him. Then... I, I can’t remember more than that. Then I went completely wolf and my human mind was in hibernation. The entire time I was fighting my wolf mind so I could stay in control of the body. But, my wolf side won and my human mind was forced into hibernation.
1920 1st February 8:50am

Today is the first day of high school! I don’t go to the human schools like the other kids do, I go to a high school called Horror High. I’m waiting for the teacher to come into the school classroom so I’m writing in this book to pass time.

On the way in, I picked a locker to store my books for when I was in class. I chose one next to a girl who said she’d like to be friends with me, her name is Angie. She’s a werewolf like me but, her parents were also werewolves. While we went to class she told me that her parents had given birth to her in wolf form. The wolf side parents were delighted to have wolf cubs as children. But, then she said as dawn came all the children became human. So she has about ten brothers and sisters that are also werewolves. She also said that if she was born human she wouldn’t have been a werewolf. THAT would have been a disaster. I now have a group of friends. I’ll give you the details later; the teacher is coming into the classroom!

Well, the details you know Angie. Uh, there is a girl called Emma who is a sea monster and there are three more girls. Their names are Summer, Annie and Sanjae. Summer is a mummy. She came over from Egypt to go to school because in Egypt there are no monster schools! Annie is Frankenstein’s monster (but she is the daughter of the actual Frankenstein’s monster.) Her dad is the headmaster of the school. Sanjae is a vampire she is the daughter of Dracula (the actual Dracula that bit my dad). Dracula is friends with the principle, so Sanjae had to go to this school.

We have also made a band called the Monsters. We are making an appearance by making our first show a Halloween special. We will sing ‘House is Haunted’ by Marc Almond. I’m playing a werewolf; Sanjae and Angie are a couple of kids, Annie is a Frankenstein, Emma is our prop master and Summer is a vampire. As soon as Sanjae and Angie are past a prop door, I scream from backstage and it turns into a howl. Then, I go on stage and prowl around. After that, I fiddle with Frankenstein’s buttons and turn her on. Then we get in positions and start the song. We dance and sing and finish, but it will take a while to practice it.

1920 4th February 3:00 pm

When I got home from school today I went to the new cupboard that was once Lily’s room. But now we put our bags and things in it. When I opened the door Lily’s stuff was in there including her bed and her desk! When I went to ask dad what was Lily’s stuff doing in the cupboard I saw Lily on the stairs! I couldn’t believe my eyes! She ran away years ago! I rushed to dad, but before I could say anything dad said

“Oh there you are sweetie! Lily’s come back, now she’s a zombie. But don’t worry she won’t eat us.” I asked him how she got eaten (because there were bite marks all over her body) and to put her back in her grave, but he laughed and sent me to my room. Mom came home and I told her what dad had done. She was angry at dad and she yelled at him for forty-five minutes. When she came back she took my hand and took me to the shop’s to buy a make up gift. I chose a soft toy in the shape of a wolf; I made it my lucky charm. It now sits at the end of my bed guarding the door to stop anyone harming me while I sleep!

1920 6th February 6:00 am

I woke up a few minutes ago because I had a nightmare. I had a nightmare that me and mum went to the shops to get milk. We were normal people back then; anyway, I went out of the shop to get some fresh air. When I saw in a nearby field, a wolf! It’s eyes red with fury and hunger. Just like the one that attacked me! Then what I least expected most was that it jumped on me and clawed me to death. Then I woke up.

Dad listened to the radio news and apparently they found the body of the boy at the train cart restaurant that I hunted. So now I know what happened when I went into hibernation.

“The body had many cuts and bite marks. The police believe it was a large bear that caused the damage. The police are also warning citizens to be on the lookout for any strange animal behaviour as this is not normal behaviour for an animal and the police are doing a full investigation of the woods and city.” Read the news reader. I lost my temper there.

“BEAR! BEAR! IT WAS A WOLF IDIOTS! IT WAS ME A WEREWOLF!!!” I yelled. Dad said to shut it otherwise we could be heard and killed, but they wouldn’t notify the police in a million years that it was a wolf. I calmed down a little and said sorry for losing my temper. Ella was in a bad mood because she had a lot of drinks with her friends yesterday and so the consequences were having a banging headache. So she burst out of her room and stomped down the stairs until she got to our level. (We have a lot of storeys on our house.) Then she yelled out of her big fat mouth.

“IF YOU DON’T SHUT IT, SARAH! I’LL TAKE YOU UNDER THE SEA AND LEAVE YOU THERE! SO SHUT UP OR I’LL...I’LL....I MEAN NEXT TIME WE GO TO THE BEACH, IT’S SEA MONSTER CENTRAL CEMETARY FOR YOU!” So then I stopped yelling. Dad was angry at Ella for yelling at him because he keeps thinking he is the ‘master of the house’, but I don’t want to break it to him. Otherwise I’ll end up in the Cemetery, right next to Lily’s coffin. So I just keep my trap shut and go with the flow or it’s ‘the underworld’ treatment for me. I prefer sitting on my bed reading my favourite book, ‘Alister’s guide to the supernatural.’ I like to read human’s opinions of werewolves and vampires, plus Alister’s opinions are very descriptive! To me Alister is the greatest book writer in the world; he even sent me a copy of his new book that shouldn’t be out until Christmas! He said he would make it free, that’s one of many reasons why I like Alister!

1920 15th February 9:00am

Some of my old human friends called me yesterday. They said they were inviting me to a campout. I was really excited, so I ran to mum and said

“Please can I go on a campout with my old human school friends!?” I yelled it too fast so mum had to slow me down! She slowed me down and when she finally got the message she said yes I could. I was so pleased I bounced around the house. Dad said to shut it because he was trying to get some vampire ‘beauty’ sleep. So I went to my bedroom and started packing for the campout. I got ready for the campout since it was last night. I got so worked up that I forgot to look at my Calender, when I got to the forest it was around midday. I spotted my friends and told mum, so she drove to them.

After a while, Carmila, Daphne, Jenina and I had the tent set up. I started to collect wood to make a fire so we could roast tasty marshmallows. I went to get the marshmallows, but when I came out the moon started rising. It was a FULL MOON! I started to panic and told my friends I had to go, quickly too. So I ran to a part of the wood that was very, very thick. I started my transformation but when I looked more wolf than human my friend Jenina (My closest friend) came after me to see what I was up to.

But when she saw all my clothes in a ripped pile she must have thought I was eaten. She screamed in a high pitched voice that could shatter glass.

“Wait! It’s me Sarah. You must go now I can’t hold off my wolf mind much longer. I’ll explain in the morning. Just go!!!” I said still growing fur on my body, my teeth still growing sharper, my claws still growing more lethal. She ran back to camp as I ran away from camp. I was much faster now; I could run from one side of the forest to the other. I can’t remember more than that. After that moment I was in hibernation, waiting to be woken by the sun.

  1920 20th February 6:00pm

 Well, yesterday my family and I went for an evening walk. As I looked out over the lush green forest below me I felt suddenly happy, then I looked out to the cars next to the pavement I walked on. I suddenly turned furious. I love the environment and I do all I can to save it. A car drove past me and drove through a puddle, resulting in me being compeletly drenched. The people in the car were the bully’s pals and they kept on bullying people on his behalf. They laughed and laughed and laughed.

I felt so angry I exploded! And of course the FULL MOON was up. I turned into a wolf, but my mind stayed human for a while. This time I didn’t play games, I just wanted the job done. You’re probably asking ‘What job?’ and I say ‘The job is killing them!’ I did not hold back, I started to run at them and they were all like ‘GO GO GO!’ I started to run very hard, then I finally jumped on the car. I took the first boy I could lay my paws on. I tore him limb from limb and growled horribly as I grabbed the next boy on the right side.

They screamed as I worked my way up the line to the driver, but, before I could reach the driver, the boy nearest, guess what I did! It may be gross, but, I ripped out his half-beating heart and threw it at the driver. It hit him with such force, he swerved and BOOM! It exploded, I stepped out of the fire, then looked up my eyes glowing blood red and ran to the boy. I threw him far into the forest, making sure he would not survive. My job was done. I ran into the forest and let my wolf mind take over. I was satisfied and did not want to do much more. I was again in hibernation waiting, sleeping.

 1920 21st February 7:00am

Oh well, the explosion held up traffic for miles and miles! Dad turned into a bat and counted, it was 21 miles altogether! Then dad sent me to my room for the day, but mum came in later and sat beside me. Then she gave me a chocolate to say sorry, it even had a little card in the shape of a bat and on the inside it said

“Sorry Dad got angry at you. Bite, bite. From mum.” (We say ‘bite,bite’ instead of saying ‘kiss,kiss’) As I got to school I saw Angie and told her everything that happened last night and she really did understand. She said that happened to her once but in a different area. She started to explain from the beginning

“It all happened a year ago, when my family went to Hawaii for a month. I made a friend that was in the room next to us and I made an enemy in the room across from us in the hotel. Once when I went to the market at night because it is not busy at night, they’re all afraid of the ‘Mosicaa’ or Water Yeti as some say, I call it a sea monster or better yet my big sister Omar! She was actually born in Hawaii a werewolf, but she fell in the water and got attacked by a sea monster; but of course she became one too. So she really is a Mosicaa! Anyway I went to the market and of course whenever I do something at night I turn into a werewolf. (Because I only went out that night and it was full moon)  I blew stuff up and basically did what you did.” I was pretty amazed that she did what I did!

1920 March 1st 6:00am

 Well, today is a bad day. A kid called Mallie kicked me in the head by accident. She made my head bleed a little, but I ‘m alright. I will try not to kill her in wolf form. I’m pretty confident that I control this until well someone shoots me with silver bullets or until I die normally which will be never. No really! Werewolves never die! I found that out by accident! What happened was I looked both ways across the street but a car appeared out of nowhere when I was in the middle of the road. It ran me over but, I got up and walked away with nothing more than a bruise from the hit! I am also infinitely stronger than 100 men put together! Years ago when I was in human school I really got bullied, but when I turned into a werewolf I almost ripped off their heads!!! No seriously!

1920 20th April 7:00am

Last night I had a really bad nightmare. I dreamt that I was cycling on my own at night and I stopped by a big empty field. In the corner of the field was a creepy, black hooded figure. He stared at me with an icy glare that only a vampire could do!

I was about to cycle off back home, but he jumped onto me and sank his vampire teeth into my neck as I screamed. I thrashed my arms around and kicked him as much as possible, but he just kept sucking until I was dry. That’s when I woke up, swimming in a pool of my own sweat. I was so scared I didn’t cycle or go near dad the whole night! It was so real!

Then I had another dream, I dreamt I was a little girl in a princess frock and pointy hat. I was a child genius and I built a column with a moving platform that went to the top. Then, I put wheels on it so you could drive it around. Somehow, I ended up in the school and there were these teenage vampires after me. I hid in the top of my tower and using some scrap metal I made some bodyguard ‘bots. They stood on each side of the tower; they had a type of glove I designed called the ‘zapping zip wear glove’. But the vampires got through my robot shield. I used my secret escape tunnel and got out, but instead of running after me they stood on top of my tower and were looking for me. I found a metal box and took off the hat, frock and shoes. I threw them in the pond nearby, faking that I had drowned, and then, climbed into the box. It was ‘snug’ but I didn’t mind at all. But, I was so scared that they would pounce on me and scare me that I eventually started yelling out to them

“Hey! I’m here! I’m in this metal box!!” –No reply. I crawled out of the box anticipating to see empty corridors and empty classes. But, they were outside the whole time. Again they sucked me dry.
When I got up, I ate breakfast. I hate human’s Readybrek. But, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE dad’s Ready-Neck, it’s all natural ingredients. Just human neck with blood as milk!! M-MM!! I’m joking really. I have normal cereal because right now I’m not a wolf. Anyway, I ate breakfast and got ready for school. Dad said I had to walk to school on my own, so I did. But, I got hit by a truck and rushed to hospital. They X-rayed me to see what the problem was. I was awake the whole time and saw the doctors looking at my X-ray bewildered. They saw my wolf skeleton that was faded, but still there. So guess what? I’M IN POLICE LOCK DOWN!!!! Right now, I’m hearing lots of clunks; it’s probably my family trying to give me freedom. But, they’re failing because if I can hear it, so can all the police.

The shiny metal room is affecting my werewolf transformation, oh wait it’s not the room the moon isn’t up yet. Ah, the circular shape called ‘THE MOON’. My skin is sore and furry, my teeth long and sharp, my ears short and sharp. I busted the wall down! It was surprisingly easy. Maybe too easy. I found my family’s cage. Success! I bent the bars out so they were wide enough so my family could get through and to freedom. My wolf side seemed to be with me, I guess it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve become, you always look after your family. The only thing wrong about that message is that my father’s parents NEVER looked after him, even before he became a vampire so he never loved them. I guess some people just don’t appreciate having a family. Anyway, my sisters were hugging me and my mum gave me a kiss on the cheek.

We slipped out of the police station through a window (though I have no idea how we snuck a huge wolf, a dog, a vampire, a sea monster, a zombie and a Frankenstein out of the police station) and started on home, but dad stopped us. He told us not to go home because they would probably be looking through our stuff and ‘confiscating’ all of it. I snorted in derision and said

“More like stealing!” Dad agreed by a quick nod. He said we had to get out of here. My mum said for us to dig a tunnel into the forest, there we would build a tree house far above the forest floor. I was about to reply when I noticed that I hadn’t started to rip them apart. I mention that to everyone. Dad said maybe I was stronger than usual because of all this, so my wolf side gave up for tonight. I thought that was probably the most possible solution. My little sister started to panic saying that we were all going to die, but dad reassured her.

Then my big pain-in-the bum sister said maybe we could just go straight to the forest instead of digging a tunnel. Everyone agreed. So, we started to walk the l-o-n-g road to the forest. I was practically already there by the time the rest of them got moving. I climbed up the trees to find a good tree to live in. I found one that was really high up. I climbed up to the top and looked out. The full moon shone over the trees making it look like the leaves were silver, the bark were gold and the sky were a huge, deep blue lake. I breathed in the pine air and howled. This was MY forest. I would only share it with my family. No other wolves would be able to live here. I wanted a peaceful forest, no normal humans, no police and no other wolves. I jumped down and started gathering bark and branches. Mum made some strong rope out of some of my endlessly growing fur. I whimpered a little every time she tugged. My stupid pain-in-the-butt sister was rolling around on the floor laughing. I growled a warning to her. Reminding her of my teeth and claws.

“You wouldn’t.” She taunted.

“Try me.” I replied.

After a while, I looked at my work. The tree-house was finished. It was big enough for all of us, even Buttons! The sun was rising, because I could see that it was a red sky. Immediately, an instinct kicked in for me to crouch down. I resisted it. I don’t know why though. I felt a horrible tingling along my spine. Actually, I think I wanted to crouch so no one saw me naked!! Anyway, I jumped up to the tree-house and went into the bathroom I made. The toilet’s basically a pit that we empty when it’s full. I sat there, feeling awful. I looked down at my claws. They were gone. I tried to sniff about, because I was getting hungry. But, I couldn’t smell anything much anymore.

“I can’t smell anything with my stupid human nose.” I grumbled. There was a rattling on the door.                                                

“Are you ok Sarah? Answer me honey bunches.” Mum sounded worried.                                                                                    

“I’m fine mum. Do you mind passing me some clothes? I’ve turned back into a human.”                                                      
Mum passed me some clothes and I slipped into them.

1920 May 1st 9:00am

We had a tough time trying to ‘adjust’ to life in the forest. It’s really hard since we are all ‘different’. I’m not going to say Monsters because, well, we are monsters on the outside, but not on the inside. Hitler is a Monster yet he’s a human.
Last night I had another nightmare. It was about me walking around the school, as usual. Little kids running around like mad things and stuff. I went to the playground to spy on Jamie. The kid I like. I get there and this vampire guy comes up to me to drink my blood. I ran as fast as I could. There was his vampire daughter who I was friends with. He obviously wanted her to ‘do the honours’. I looked at her eyes pleadingly. She pretended to bite me and I fell to the ground to play along. He congratulated her, which was sick, as I tiptoed away. But, then the guy saw me and chased me. I ran and ran and ran. It made no difference, he was dead and didn’t stop. Then, I awoke.

Emma usually teases me about Jamie and sings the            
‘ Sarah and Jamie sitting in a tree’ song. But, we find it hard to find food here, so she tends to not tease me as much. Every night, I go out to look for food. Some nights are a success and I find loads of food. But, last night, I found an acorn and a dead squirrel. Tonight is meant to be full moon, so hopefully, it will turn out better and I might bring down a moose!!

1920 May 20th 10:00am

Well, not to brag, but, last night, I was hunting a moose when I noticed someone else was hunting it too, a Grizzly-bear. I saw it and it saw me. (For some strange reason, I can conquer my wolf side every full moon night now!!!) It growled, teeth baring and roared with its lips flapping. I roared back and started to bounce around it.

The grizzly started to get dizzy. It stopped spinning for a second, that’s when I struck! I bit down hard on its neck and pushed it over. It lay there stunned for a second and got up. I was up a tree and was waiting to pounce. It followed my scent, but by the time it knew I was up the tree, it was too late. I pounced on its back and tore into its ear. It roared and reached back with it’s front paws. It slung onto its hind legs and thrashed about, probably hoping to get me off. But, I tore into its fleshy shoulders, finally revealing a well protected spine. I broke it in one clean bite (well, considering I was covered in blood!) The bear fell down onto its stomach. It couldn’t move its paws or even get up. I walked towards it and it gave me a look of fear. I couldn’t blame it for being afraid.

I bent down right in front of its face. I growled a warning and shot my clawed hand into its chest. I grabbed its beating heart and tore it out of the bear’s chest. The bear’s open chest wound bled practically into a swimming pool!! The heart was still beating for a couple of seconds after, but, then it stopped and the bear was dead. The bear’s blood ran down my arm as I held the heart to the sky. That was what I gained from the bear (as well as a free supper for a week!!) The blood ran up my shoulder and trickled down my chest. I ate the heart because my wolf’s side ‘tradition’ was to eat the heart of an enemy that is much larger than you that you have defeated in battle. I guess it’s to gain their strength and courage. Plus, eating a bear’s heart would be pretty big on the strength side and with this particular bear, a big punch on the courage side (like I need it anyway. I mean, I went against a grizzly bear for crying out loud! FULL GROWN ADULT MALE!!!!!)

Anyway, I dragged the bear’s body back to the tree house. There mum and dad will roast it all and we will be eating like kings and queens! Well, not really, as kings and queens don’t hunt or collect their food and they don’t run out eventually!! But, when I got back to the ‘den’, which is what I will call the tree-house from now on, everyone was astounded and taken aback by my huge load. I dropped it onto our meat pile and found my way to the bathroom. I was so tired; I could have slept for a week. I got a fresh pair of clothes out and wandered into the bathroom for my change back to human. I sat on the loo and waited. I looked in the mirror (which we salvaged from a garbage dump) and I was a useless human again. I put on my clothes and walked to the ‘offspring’ room, (basically, me and my sisters’ room) completely shattered. I was also really hungry so on the way there I said,

“When the food is cooked, bring me a chunk please. I’m really hungry,” but, then my dad, who seemed to be in a much better mood since I brought that bear back, said,

“Nice to meet you ‘Really Hungry,’ I’m your father!!” I smiled witheringly and went to my room.

I fell onto the covers and as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was asleep. I awoke to mum shaking my shoulder gently and saying she had a chunk of meat I had ‘ordered’. I thanked her with a bit of a scowl on my face apparently. She tried to cheer me up a bit by joking

“Is there anything else you’d like to order ‘ma’am’” I played along by pretending to order a bottle of wine with a straw and a little umbrella. She laughed and said I should eat up than rest. Tonight, she is sending Emma to fish instead of her and me going together. I ate my breakfast and then I started to write what happened in this book. Now, I will sleep for a very, VERY long time.

1920 May 23rd 5:00pm

I have finally woken up. There isn’t much of the bear left now I’ve had a go at it! I went down to the stream and drank and drank, I was so thirsty. I feel like writing in this thing less and less to be honest. I feel kinda funny actually. Like, not ha-ha funny, funny weird. I think that bear didn’t agree with me. Oh wait I made a funny. Oh I’m hilarious, a natural comedian. Sheesh! I think I’m becoming a teenager, but, technically my 30th birthday is coming around, then again my body has slowed down completely so technically, I’m turning 13. Well, my head hurts now and I’m going to snap at dad for being a compete loony. He’s trying to fight against a bear on the forest floor, I guess to prove he’s as strong as I am.

I’m back and I’ll tell you what happened. I jumped down to confront my dad and he huffed

“Not now sweetie daddy’s got to kill a bear”. So I walked over to the raging bear, it jumped on its hind legs and I gave a quick slash of my teeth (even in daytime my canines are bigger, but not as big as full moon ones are) and the bear died instantly.

“Oh look daddy, dinner, yum!” I said in a high pitch voice like a little baby. He groaned

“Well, if you’re strong enough to do that, you can carry it home!!” I stared at him and shouted

“WHAT?! Hey, I carried the last bear home and right now it’s not a full moon. I don’t have that much strength now! I killed him with my teeth!” And with that I ripped a bit of the shoulder meat off and started to feast. He looked at me like ‘yuck’.

“Wuss,” I mumbled with blood running down my chin and my mouth filled to the brim with the delicious meat. Dad was about to protest, when, I guess, he thought there was no point arguing, so he picked up the corpse and heaved it up the branches. As soon as he got to the top I jumped up like an Olympic champion and teased,

“Hey, dad, that bear is much smaller than the one I killed. Are you sure it’s not a child or a teenager?”As soon as I said that, dad got angry and shouted.

“Well, if the rest of us are so useless at hunting, then, why don’t you do all of the hunting.”                    

“And maybe I will,” I replied scornfully.                                

“Ok then, but, remember, we will be hungry all the time so this bear will do for three days. You have that long to look for our next meal.”                                                                            

“As long as I get the juicy bits and don’t cook my pieces unless I say!” So it looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me. The worst thing about this new ‘me only’ job is that I won’t be able to write in this book as much as I’ve been doing, which sucks. But, I’ll still try and write as much as I can! I hope.

1920 June 1st 7:15 am

Well, I’m totally exhausted. I haven’t had a lot of luck considering bigger prey items, but, considering small food, I’m the luckiest ever. I found a nesting site for Lark sparrow. Their eggs are delicious; the birds come there every week to nest. All except winter, I guess. I haven’t been in the forest that long. Although collecting them is a real pain because dad forces me to get them at 3 in the morning in human form, so I’m extra tired by morning. Plus, the birds are chirping really loud by the time I even get there! The birds and my dad are starting to really annoy the hell out of me!
 Well, I know never to leave this book about. My mum found it and my particular words on how dad and the Lark birds annoy me. Ooops? I’m in a lot of trouble, see. Mum is going tell dad and he’s going to confront me in front of the WHOLE FAMILY!!!! I will feel very embarrassed I bet.
Ok, I’m the most bored person in the world. I’ve been embarrassed a hundred times over and now I’m bored. I’m in bed at like 3 in the morning (I know because of my sisters wristwatch) so technically I should be asleep. Ella starting to snore, which is causing real problems for me as the rest of the household seem DEAF!! Lily is sleeping weird, she’s in a strange position and she talks in her sleep. Like, she said

“It’s not rocket science, just open the door.” Or

“That’s my ice-cream, get your own.” Right now she’s just mumbling nonsense words. Dad also snores like a pig and now he’s snoring like a BLUE WHALE! Well, if blue whales could snore. Or sleep for that matter! They are to ‘busy’ to sleep I guess.

 study  farao   affraid   lol! 
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