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Mother of the Spirit – A Tribute Empty Mother of the Spirit – A Tribute

Post  Mammona on Sun Jan 13, 2019 5:01 am

“My world? Why on earth would you want to know about that?”

“The world can be a brutal, unforgiving place.
You are said to be born alone, live alone and die alone.
We’ve had to fight for everything we have.
Against monsters and magic,
Bandits and slave-masters.
People work themselves to the ground.
Just to carve out a small niche of existence.
You pass people on the street,
Who have the weight of the world on their shoulders.”

“I refuse to be added to that weight – I prefer to lift it!
My world is where people band together.
My world is the result of common decency.
My world contains teamwork, cooperation and coordination.
My world is one where right takes precedence over convenience.
My world is helpfulness, charity and warmth!
My world is where no one has to suffer alone!”

“My name is Yommie Wulfemother, and kindness is my world.” – Excerpt from BDO Story - ‘Velkans: My World’


Here amongst the rolling riverbanks of Serendia I stand, clad as always in my armour, my weapon strapped to my hip. My horse feeds lightly behind me. I draw back my hood and look out over the picturesque banks of the river, feeling the cool breeze on my virtual face. I swing up into my saddle and start west along the river, towards Calpheon City, looking all the while. It is a beautiful, radiant world, rendered flawlessly by those who created it. However, all I can think about is how the view is a little bit dimmer, thanks to the news that one of my comrades-in-arms has passed away.

We adventurers tend to be a nomadic bunch, moving from quest to quest, place to place, world to world (Azeroth, Eorzea, Erenor, Calpheon and Nexus, just to name a few), all in the pursuit of honour and glory. It is not uncommon to encounter hundreds, thousands or perhaps even millions of other likeminded adventurers along the way, all striving for the same goal, albeit in different ways. However, the point remains that despite the sheer number of other people we encounter, it is often a solitary existence. We hop from world to world, trying again and again to move up the ranks and be named amongst the best. Too often do we miss the fact that sometimes the real pleasure in adventuring comes from the people you adventure with. Nay, the people we help.

It is this capacity in which my comrade will be most sorely missed.

I first encountered her in the world of Erenor, under the guise of ‘Yomomma’. Azeroth had lost its’ power over me, and I had become disenchanted with adventuring solo. Under the advisement of another close friend, I ended up in Erenor, and it was there I was to encounter Yomomma and the guild she represented. Almost immediately, the openness and kindness I, a new adventurer, was afforded, put me at ease and kept me coming back for months. We had many fun and great adventures together, filled with glory and success. However, it was the little things that stuck in my memory, such as the laughter and mirth that sounded from us during transit, or the fact that she was always the first to pitch in if a material was needed to craft that new piece of furniture and the like. I was a newcomer, and yet it felt good to be home.

Our adventures spilled over into the warring worlds of Calpheon and Valencia, where we formed a splinter guild – the Velkans. Rebranding herself ‘Yommie Wulfemother’, she was unique in the sense that combat, blood and war held little interest for her, preferring to spend her time with horses and crafting – and helping out those who tried the same. Indeed, the only thing she seemed to enjoy as much as helping others was a good cup of tea, and many a time we heard the familiar, maternal voice excusing herself to make another one. As I was ever the bard, it came to be that some of our exploits were documented, and the Velkans enjoyed a rich tapestry of written hijinks and adventures. Again, throughout it all, it was the kindness and laughter I still remember most. Even when life conspired to take me away from these worlds of adventure and excitement, these memories still rank among the best and most vivid of my virtual life.

As I continue along the riverbank, I shake my head, keenly aware that my story is hardly unique amongst the countless people she has touched and aided along their journeys. Alas, I have only my own experiences to draw upon, but I am sure others can attest to the fact that they would not be the same without the gentle guidance and kindness she afforded them.

It is a very rare thing to exhibit total kindness – to put others almost completely before yourself. It is even rarer to find pleasure in the doing of a good deed, rather than the gratitude for the deed itself. She was both. Her maternal instinct went far beyond her character’s namesakes – she was too often a voice of reason, and commanded universal respect because of it. People listened to her, not because she was a guildmate or a fantastic adventurer (although she was). She brought the rarest gem one can bring to the worlds of virtual adventurers – a sense of family. It was a value that she carried with her, no matter where she was or what she was doing.

I stop once more to hang my head. It is a sad day indeed when someone who has caused so much happiness, who helped us all so much, passes from this world. Even in the real world, her sense of family and the values of kindness and cooperation were obvious to all who encountered her. Her legacy will be an important one, and deepest condolences go to her family and friends.

As I wipe away my tears and spur my horse forward, I think of her, and hope she rests in peace. To Yomomma, Yommie Wulfemother – Pam; There is too much to say, and I lack the words and eloquence to do so. Therefore, I can only say thank you for everything. You were the rarest of people – a mother to the spirit, and you will not be forgotten.

-Egami Kalimaru


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