Easter Protocol: Desperation

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Easter Protocol: Desperation Empty Easter Protocol: Desperation

Post  Mammona on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:59 pm

((Just for something a little different (and random)...))

The war on Banana Island had been raging for nearly a decade. The Bunny forces were stretched to breaking point. Losing too much and gaining too little. The Bird Army were stopping them at every turn. Try as they might, the Bunny forces could not counter the Bird’s aerial strikes. Their lack of air support meant that the Birds continually had the upper hand. The war would be won, and won soon.

The war, like so many other wars, had starting with one side wanting what the others had. The Bunny forces had become consumed with the desire of obtaining eggs, due to the newly announced ‘Easter Protocol’. The protocol stated that Bunnies needed eggs to distribute to the rest of the world, especially over the Easter Weekend.

However, the Birds did not want to part with their eggs, for in addition to being their offspring, they sold the eggs to the lands surrounding Banana-Island. To lose the eggs was to lose their money. No money meant that the Birds would no longer be able to afford the giant industrial air-conditioners that surrounded the Bird Territory. Birds fly better with the air blowing, and the air conditioners were their way of life.

War had broken out over the eggs, but it was clear that the Bunnies were on the losing side. Only one hope remained. In order for the Bunnies to win the war, they needed allies. Allies that could turn the tide. Allies that could provide air support. Allies that stood to lose just as much as they did - the Ladybirds

This was why a desperate move was made. A small Bunny strike force set out alone across the Slippery Smoothie fields of Banana Island. Their destination – The Ladybird empire. Their objective – Persuade the Ladybirds to join the Bunnies’ cause, by any means necessary…

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