Why Can't I Live?

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Why Can't I Live? Empty Why Can't I Live?

Post  Queen Turtle The Young on Fri Dec 20, 2013 10:17 pm

I was running. That's what happened in my life that was good. I felt the wind whipping against my fur. I was a monster.
When I was born, I was born as a wolf. But, my mum and dad were both humans. I was a freak of nature. Something that was not meant to be. My parents always treated me like dirt. I was their slave my whole life. Until now. I was running away. I had done something horrible. I was a murderer.

I was in the town, buying food from the marketplace and some boys shouted out comments.
"Hey! Look at Fuzzball over here!" One shouted.

"Yeah! She should be locked up in a zoo!" Another jeered.

"I don't want to get mixed up with you." calmly explained as I walked off.

But, they didn't like that. They grabbed my arms and pinned me down. They shouldn't have done that. I got in a rage I had never felt before. I ripped my arms out of their grasp. I caught one boy by the leg and I tore him apart. I did the same thing more or less to the other boys.

When I came out of the rage, I looked down at what I had done. I had murdered three boys and the whole town saw it! They chased after me with weapons bared and I ran off into the forest. I jumped up high into the tree tops and sat there. I heard one citizen's comments,

"Yeah, Run and hide in the Woods like the animal you are!"

"Let's go! I don't want to have anything to do with that THING!"

I sat in my tree, sobbing. All I ever wanted in life was a loving family and a best friend that would help in my problems. But, that would never happen. No one would ever want to be friends with a creature that could easily go from fun-loving Wolf Girl, to angry Wolf Killer. I was lonely. So Lonely.

The next day, I set off for the Pit of Oceania. I knew an old sailor who lived there, he would give me food and shelter if I helped him on his farm. I knew all of his dogs. Buffy, Bouncer, Baxter and Billy. They all loved me a lot. I knew the names of his ten goats. Pompudor, Harry, McNuffy, Amy, Carmilita, Greg, Lily, Rosa, Rose and Bumper. Bumper and McNuffy didn't like me much. Rosa and Rose were twins and they adored me! The sailors name was Mr E. At least, that's what I call him. I don't know his real name and I don't think anyone else does either.

We met when I was being bullied by those boys. He was watching the incident and intervened.

"Hey! You boys! Stop pickin' on tha' youngun'! She maybe different to ya, but tha' anin't no excuse to be bullyin' a little girl!" He yelled.

"Stay out of this Grandpa!" One of the boys jeered.

"Was tha' a threat? Was tha' a threat I heard from ya frog-like mouth?!" Mr E cried out in a rage.

The boys left me alone for a while after that. I stayed in touch with him after all these years. And every time that I wrote to him, saying that the boys were bullying me again, he would pay me a visit. Now, I think I payed him a visit. A permanent one I hope.
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